No.14 A Lover's Protest

10th century. The author held the position of “Minister of the Left” of Kawara, a part of Tokyo. Michinoku prints are made using fern-like plants called shinobu.

A Lover’s Protest

Michinoku print  
 Of shinobu’s tangled leaves!  
 For whose sake have I,  
 Like confused, begun to be?  
 Only yours! I can not change!

Minamoto Tōru (Kawara no Sadaijin)

Michinoku no  
 Shinobu mojizuri  
 Dare yue ni  
 Midare somenishi  
 Ware naranakuni.

About this poetry

At Salty Dog Digital we’ve decided to gradually republish Clay MacCauley’s translation of Single Songs of a Hundred Poets – a collection of japanese poetry from the seventh through thirteenth centuries. Sixty four of these poems are the rewards in our game fourtex zen.

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