Fourtex Jugo

Strategy-based Puzzler

Fourtex Jugo is strategy-based single-player puzzler with two players, because Jugo is always there, watching and waiting for your mistake.

Each level has a target score which may be relatively easy to beat, or not. Some are quite difficult. Can you beat them all? Can you play a perfect game, when Jugo is always ready to capitalize on any opportunity to ruin your perfect game?

Jugo Particles

Pie and Noms

In Fourtex Jugo you progress through a level by combining the three particle types with each other to create higher-value particles, or to create void. Number particles combine to make Pie particles. Pie particles combine to make Nom ("nominal") particles, and noms combine to make void. In the void, there are ... claws!

Jugo Pies

Jugo doesn't do Math

The number particles combine with each other in just two ways: two of the same number will combine to make the next higher particle, or two numbers that add to 15 will combine to make a pie particle. Any two pies will combine, and the two opposite color nom particles combine to make void. The claws that live in the void like the pies and noms and will try to grab them if they can. The strategy in Fourtex Jugo usually involves keeping the claws away from your pies and noms until you can beat the target score.

How do you Win?

When you complete a level . . . and have more points than Jugo, you get a star. If you reached the target score you have won the game and get two stars. If you have won without giving a particle to Jugo or having Jugo's claws grab a pie or nom, you get all three stars-- you have played a perfect game! There are levels of various difficulty, but getting three stars is usually quite challenging.

Each designed level is unique and so each level has a leader-board for competing against yourself or other players. Jugo himself also has a leaderboard. Don't think of it as just a hall of shame-- it can be a slightly different way to play the game in trying deliberately to get a high score for Jugo.

Fourtex Jugo has controller support as well as keyboard or mouse support, and has simple configuration menus for adjusting audio and other parameters.

Jugo level icons A


  • Play casually just to complete a level, or play to achieve a high score, or play to get a perfect game
  • Levels are handcrafted by humans
  • Additional daily randomized levels
  • Original art and audio
  • Leaderboards, achievements, stats

Jugo level icons B

Fourtex Jugo is available now on Steam:

Fourtex Jugo | Extended Play YouTube