No.3 A Song Of Longing

Probably early 8th century. Kakinomoto is considered one of Japan’s first poets.

A Song Of Longing

Ah! the foot-drawn trail  
 Of the mountain-pheasant’s tail  
Drooped like down-curved branch!–  
 Through this long, long-dragging night  
 Must I keep my couch alone?

Kakinomoto no Hitomaro (Hitomaro Kakinomoto)  

Ashibiki no  
 Yamadori no o no  
Shidari-o no  
 Naga nagashi yo wo  
 Hitori ka mo nen.

About this poetry

At Salty Dog Digital we’ve decided to gradually republish Clay MacCauley’s translation of Single Songs of a Hundred Poets – a collection of japanese poetry from the seventh through thirteenth centuries. Sixty four of these poems are the rewards in our game fourtex zen.

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