No.4 Beauty Made Perfect

8th century

Beauty Made Perfect

When to Tago’s coast  
 I the way have gone, and see  
Perfect whiteness laid  
 On Mount Fuji’s lofty peak  
 By the drift of falling snow.

Yamabe no Akahito (Akahito of Yamabe) 

Tago no ura  
 Ni uchi-idete mireba  
Shirotae no  
 Fuji no takane ni  
 Yuki wa furi-tsutsu.

About this poetry

At Salty Dog Digital we’ve decided to gradually republish Clay MacCauley’s translation of Single Songs of a Hundred Poets – a collection of japanese poetry from the seventh through thirteenth centuries. Sixty four of these poems are the rewards in our game fourtex zen.

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