No.6 A Winter Midnight in the Palace Court

8th or early 9th century.  “Magpie (or Raven) Bridge” referred to a passage-way in the Imperial Palace grounds, but also in popular superstition to the Milky Way” (in the sky).

A Winter Midnight In The Palace Court

If the “Magpie Bridge,”–  
 Bridge by flight of magpies spanned,–  
White with frost I see:–  
 With a deep-laid frost made white:–  
 Late, I know, has grown the night.

Chūnagon Yakamochi (Chūnagon Yakamochi)

Chūnagon is a title: “Imperial State Advisor of the Middle Rank.”

Kasasagi no  
 Wataseru hashi ni  
Oku shimo no  
 Shiroki wo mireba  
 Yo zo fuke ni keru.

About this poetry

At Salty Dog Digital we’ve decided to gradually republish Clay MacCauley’s translation of Single Songs of a Hundred Poets – a collection of japanese poetry from the seventh through thirteenth centuries. Sixty four of these poems are the rewards in our game fourtex zen.

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